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Union Missionary
Baptist Church

209 Jackson St
Waterloo, Iowa 50703

(319) 235-1213
Rev. Marvin Jenkins

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Mission Statement

Bringing Your Families To Christ Ministries was incorporated on September 10, 2003. It exist to prevent negative outcomes in our society by educating and empowering despaired populations and to change their surroundings through knowledge.

We have a computer lab for higher learning. Mentoring and tutoring for the youth of our community. There is also a recreational area. In the near future, we will be providing preventative programs for drug, alcohol, and tobacco abuse, H.I.V. and Aids, and teen violence.

Weekly Calendar

Sunday School 9:00AM
Beginners Class 10:00AM
Morning Worship 10:45AM
Evening Worship 4:00PM

Gospelistic Chorus 6:30 PM
Space Savers 6:30 PM

Missions 4:00 PM
Unity Choir 6:00 PM
Mercy Seaters 6:00PM

Bible Study 12NOON and 6:00PM

Red Circle Girls 5:00 PM
Brotherhood 6:00 PM

Youth Choir 5:00 PM

Praise Team 12 NOON


Deacons Ministry              1st Monday          6:00 PM
Trustee Ministry                2nd Tuesday        6:30 PM

Mother's Ministry               Last Saturday       11:00 AM
Deaconess                        Last Tuesday      5:00PM

Youth Ushers                  1st Saturday        12 NOON
Booster Club                    2nd Saturday        11:00 AM
Men's Breakfast                3rd Saturday        9:00 AM
more times here

TV Times

Channel 17/Digital 79.4
Wednesdays 8:00AM
Thursdays 3:30PM
TV times listed are until further notice.

Need a ride to church?
No problem! We have a Van Ministry that will pick you up at
your door for Sunday School and Church Service.

Give them a call no later than 8:30PM Saturday evening before,
and then they will let you know when they will be there to pick you up.

For more information call:

Dea. Roger Newman - 234-1662

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